NUTSenough already

And so. In the bright light of an afternoon, slathered in sunblock (SPF 60), the canpers and nuts and colts and counsellors of NUTSella gathered at the ball diamond. Some lurched into view and many had blank, Zombie-like expressions on their faces. Nonetheless, all answered the call of Monkey On Your Shoulder.

One by one they lined up and the antidote to doom was administered.

Ronnie McD asked if his could be supersized.

Timmy asked for a double double and Dunkin wanted a donut too.

Gene Simmons stuck his tongue out at Anthony Weiner, who took a picture and posted it on twitter.

Marc Antony-without-the-h? All he wanted was JeLLo.

In no time at all, the entire NUTSella canp population was inoculated against apocalyptic shenanigans and pretty soon, life returned to normal. Canpers went back to being kind, tolerant and respectful of others. The ceiling didn’t collapse on the western world.  Debt was still rampant and spelled with a B, but canpers kept their teeth to themselves and took to sleeping at night instead of wandering in search of flesh to eat.

There was a canp-wide consensus that NUTSella Popsuckles™ are way tastier.

However, Zombiepalooza did leave a lasting… ah… mark on NUTSella. Having survived the worst, many canpers developed a willingness to try new things.  The “fast” crowd — Ronnie McD, Dunkin and Timmy — took to eating fruit and “vegables” and raiding the Garden of Goodness for freshly picked carrots and tomatoes from the vine.  Sista said it was aloud.

The change was even more dramatic at the prowlers’ cabin — better known as the teenagers’ cabin. All the boys, including Zombie, started waking from the dead before noon.  Zombie stopped sleep walking and started playing baseball.

Gene Simmons  kept his tongue to himself and Anthony Weiner put away his not-so-smartphone.  Both of them decided to play nice. And Marc Antony-without-the-h? He decided maybe he can live without JeLLo after all. Now he likes Popsuckles™ better.